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Topic: How will you take advantage of being “at the very center of business”?

Studying at CBS and having the New York City experience will be one of the best opportunities for boosting my business, academic, and career goals. Leading global corporate organizations in the industries of financial services, health care, manufacturing, and other services reside in New York City. Academicians and business scholars who facilitate these businesses also reside in NYC. Added to the presence of a vigorously growing digital economy, this location provides a perfect environment for a prospective business executive with the desire to learn and experience the true features of the awaiting competitive market. Considered as the global commercial and cultural capital and epicenter, I believe that the coupling of the CBS experience with the NYC experience will enable me to access the best opportunities in industry-focused immersion seminars, project-based Master Classes, professional film connections, and business internships.

If I join CBS for the MBA course, I would like to take advantage of various CBS experience and NYC experience programs that offer opportunities for capacity development and networking. Considered as the ultimate urban laboratory in the CBS program, the program allows access to more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations that will allow me to learn from others and access a great business network. Additionally, seminars and speaker series engaging accomplished scholars and academicians come in handy for market research and placement. I am excited to network with leaders from companies I aspire to work for, through informal networking sessions, speaker series, and seminars included in the CBS-NYC experience structure.

Three other areas of the CBS NYC partnership that interest me encompass the Executives in Residence program, the Brown Bag Lunch Sessions, and The Media and Technology Program's annual Career Night. By inviting retired or semiretired leaders in multimillion-dollar successful businesses to share with students, the Executives in Residence program assists students in different ways. If I go through this program, it will enhance my industry-integration skills, career-path planning, and handling professional and business challenges. Examples of reputable former business leaders in the Executives in Residence program include Philip Condit, former CEO of The Boeing Company, and Wolfgang Bernhard who is also a former CEO of the Volkswagen business. Both the Brown Bag Lunch Sessions and The Media and Technology Program's annual Career Nightfall among many events organized by CBS to boost the competence of the students. By engaging 10 to 12 students with common interests in the presence of an executive, the former will help me develop career goals and associate with like-minded students. Conversely, I am interested in the latter because it brings over 800 students and alumni together to connect and create business opportunities. Some of these firms include the New York Times, BET, and Reuters among others.

My greatest interest in CBS and New York City is specific to my career goals. Notably, the animation business in NYC blossoms with limitless job opportunities. NYC hosts companies with all the aspects of animation which include 3D animation, 3D modeling, previsualization, character cel animation, and digital matte painting among others. Some of these companies include the Moving Picture Company, Shade VFX, and Brand New School, which happen to be within the top 100 of the world’s best. Considering that my specific interest is animation, I intend to take advantage of these opportunities using the structure at CBS.

In summary, the CBS experience and the NYC experience will enable me to access the best opportunities in industry-focused immersion seminars and business cycles. It will allow me to interact with the greatest business executives of all time to learn from them. Most of all, it will give me access to the activities of the best animation companies, all of which I need for my career goals of being an executive and owning a company in the animation field.