Paragraph Writing Topics

Paragraph Writing Topics

Perhaps every student deals with a challenge when choosing a good paragraph writing topics. If you are one such student then you are in the right place.’s writing team will present you with great ideas on paragraph writing topics. You can choose one of the topics below or ask us to search for a topic on a specific subject for you and write your entire paper in a timely manner.

Paragraph structure

A good paragraph should have the following elements:

  1. Topic sentence-This is usually the first sentence of a paragraph introducing the topic in discussion.
  2. Support sentences-These sentences support the argument or provide information that is related to the paragraph topic. A good paragraph should have 2 to 4 supporting sentences.
  3. Conclusion-conclusion should be a short and precise sentence that sums the paragraph topic in discussion.

10 paragraph writing topics tips

Paragraph writing topics are important for every student since they help in sharpening their writing skills. Below are examples of topics that are useful in all academic levels:

  1. Write a paragraph about your role model. 
  2. Write a paragraph about your country.
  3. Write a paragraph about your best holiday experience.
  4. Write a descriptive paragraph about your home.
  5. Write a paragraph about new inventions you are interested in.
  6. Write a descriptive paragraph about your family’s recent vacation.
  7. Write a paragraph describing an object.
  8. Write a paragraph about any culture of interest.
  9. Write a paragraph about trending news.
  10. Write a paragraph about a specific toy, it can be a childhood toy or any toy.
  11. Write a paragraph about your career of choice.
  12. Write a paragraph explaining your opinion about a controversial issue in society.
  13. Write a paragraph about drug abuse in society.
  14. Write a paragraph about sexually transmitted infections.
  15. Write a paragraph about globalization.

Paragraph writing is an imperative skill that a student needs to acquire in life. Gaining strong writing skills can help students to get where they need academically. However, having a good knowledge of choosing topic ideas is as well important. Below are some of the dissertation and history topics ideas from our team. Feel free to ask for any help.

Top topics selection for history

History is the past as it is shown in many written documents. Events, which occurred before the written documents are referred to as prehistory. History also includes academic discipline which uses some narrative to elucidate past events, their objectives, causes, and effects. Below are some of the top selection topics for history topics to choose from. team has experienced writers in this field ready to help. Do not hesitate to ask for any help.

See below

  • Contemporary global issues of millennials in today’s current workforce
  • What does an “empire” look like? This sounds like an easy question. In the historical record, empires are big and hard to miss. Yet, today there are many competing definitions as scholars focus on different parts of the empires before them. In this paper, propose and defend your own definition of empire by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the current historiography on the key characteristics of empires. 
  • How useful is Edward Said’s theory of “Orientalism” for understanding the British Empire’s view of the Ottoman world in the 19th Century? 
  • To what extent was the Ottoman Empire in decline by the end of the 19th Century?
  • If you could spend a day talking with any person in history, who would you spend that day with and why? What would you hope to learn from the experience?
  • Explain the environmental impact of the Gold Rush on California’s landscape

Top topics selection for dissertation. 

A dissertation is a document that a student is required to submit in support of his or her academic degree. This makes it different from essays in many ways. For example, an essay is relatively short and most of the time you are given a topic to discuss while dissertation requires the student to come up with his or her own topic, which helps the professor to see if the student knows her subject, facts, and points of view.Having any problem doing your dissertation and choosing a topic, team will be of great help to you. Do not hesitate to ask for any help.

See below

  • How safe do tourists view the UK during mega sporting events? An evaluation
  • How does the media represent women in Bollywood movies?
  • How Brexit will Effect House Prices in the UK
  • The impact of Leadership on Digital Transformation in the UAE Public Organization
  • Teacher tress in secondary schools in the UK
  • Effect of Ambiance on Impulse Purchase Behavior in Qatar

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