The history of wellesley congregational church including the influence of the church in the making of new england
List of the objects obtained during the paris exhibition of 1867 by gift loan or purchase and now exhibited in the south kensington museum
The history of st anthonys hospital now the blue coat boys charity school in peaseholme in the city of york
Senga handbook a short introduction to the senga dialect as spoken on the lower luangwa north eastern rhodesia
Mortuary experience of the mutual life insurance company of new york with tabulated reports and an analysis of the causes of death vol ii
Proceedings of the aristotelian society new series vol i pp 4
Bulletin 9 of tennessee geological survey series preliminary report of the coal resources of the pikeville specail quadrangle of easten tennessee
Spiritual flowerets in honor of the blessed mother of god with an introduction and directions for using the readings and slips to the best advantage
The caucasus and its people with a brief history of their wars and a sketch of the achievements of the renowned chief schamyl
Memoirs of the boston society of natural history vol 4 number vii the flora of the kurile islands pp 203
Some startling facts relating to the canadian pacific railway and the north west lands also a brief discussion
Shakespeares bones the proposal to disinter them considered in relation to their possible bearing on his portraiture
Memoirs of the geological survey england and wales soils and sub soils from a sanitary point of view
The normal music course a series of exercises studies and songs defining and illustrating the art of singh reading
New jersey school laws revision of 1900 with notes blanks and forms for the use and government of school officers
A memoir of elias loomis pp 741
Notes on criminal tribes residing in or frequenting the bombay presidency berar and the central provinces
The politics of christianity reprinted from the nonconformist 1847
The new philosophy of money a practical treatise on the nature and office of money and the correct method of its supply
A shakers answer to the oft repeated question what would become of the world if all should become shakers
Story of the glittering plain which has also been called the land of living men or the acre of the undying
Department of the interior bureau of education bulletin 1919 no 55 business education in secondary schools
Lucass tables for finding the longitude by the meridian altitude at sea without the aid of a chronometer
A few remarks upon fellows hypophosphites of quinine strychnine iron lime potassa and manganese for the medical profession
A practical treatise on the movement of slide valves by eccentrics for the use of engineers draughtsmen machinists and students in general
My summer in a mormon village pp 1
The discovery of the nature of the spleen from an investigation of the lateral homologies of the liver stomach and intestinal canal
On large and small farms and their influence on the social economy including a view of the progress of the division of the soil in france since 1815
Wellerisms from pickwick master humphreys clock
An enquiry as to the catholicity of the church of england in regard to the doctrine of the holy eucharist
Translations and reprints from the original sources of european history vol iv typical cahiers of 1789 no 5
Palestine pilgrims text society felix fabri vol ii part i pp 1
The gospel history for the young being lessons on the life of christ adapted for use in families and in sunday schools vol i
The augsburg confession and formula for the government and discipline of the evangelical lutheran church of the general synod in the united states
New series no 98 the annual monitor for 1880 or obituary of the members of the society of friends en great britain and ireland for the year 1879
Biographical sketch of john g deane and brief mention of his connection with the northeastern boundary of maine
Dream of provence orgeas miradou
An authors conduct to the public stated in the behaviour of dr william cullen his majestys physician at edinburgh
Report upon the sanitary quality of the owens river water supply delivered to consumers in los angeles through the los angeles aqueduct system
Report on the difference of longitude between washington and st louis pp 6 39 report on observation of enckes comet pp 8 47
On certain indications of the existence of an allotropic modification of elementary nitrogen and on the synthesisof ammonia
Proceedings of the national convention of the friends of public education held in philadelphia october 17 18 19 1849
The committee on federal relation arguments in behalf of petitions for aid in the preservation of the old south meeting house
Teaou shin
A tract upon tomb stones or suggestions for the consideration of persons intending to set up that kind of monument to the memory of deceased friends
A biographical memoir of richard jordan a minister of the gospel in the society of friends late of newton in gloucester county new jersey
Economics a lecture delivered at columbia university in the series on science philosophy and art january 22 1908
New secretarys manual a compendium of forms instruction and legal information for secretaries of corporations and others
A few words on the encouragement given to slavery and the slave trade by recent measures and chiefly by the sugar bill of 1846
Ignorant learned or researches after the long lost mysteries of fre
Black white or yellow the south african labour problem the case for and against the introduction of chinese coolies
Sermons on the failure of protestantism and on catholicity pp 1
What is the relation of academic preparation experience intelligence achievement and sex of rural teachers in mississippi to their pay
Considerations respecting the marriage of the duke of montpensier with reference to the treaty of utrecht
History of the diocese of montreal 1850
University of pennsylvania the university museum anthropological publications vol viii no 2 pp 183
The medical police and rules and regulations of the boston medical association with a catalogue of the officers and members
The inauguration of william allan neilson ph d ll d as president of smith college the thirteenth of june mcmxviii
The human machine industrial efficiency
An historical discourse delivered at ware 1851 being commemorative of the formation of the first church in ware may 9th 1751
The pursuit of the house boat being some further account of the divers doings of the associated shades under the leadership of sherlock holmes esq
Pictures in prose and verse or personal recollections of the late janet hamilton langloan together with several hitherto unpublished poetic pieces
Analytical index to sir john w kayes history of the sepoy war and col g b mallesons history of the indian mutiry
A sermon being the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination as pastor of the society sketch of the life of dr crosby of charlestown n h
Collected papers vol i pp 267
K ??nigsmark the legend of the hounds and other poems pp 22
Catalogue of the teachers and pupils of punahou school and oahu college for twenty five years ending 1866
Results of meteorological observations made at the magnetical observatory toronto canada west during the years 1860 1861 1862
Longmans modern series shakespeares merchant of venice with introduction notes examination papers and an appendix of prefixes and terminations
English church history from the death of archbishop parker to the death of king charles i four lectures
Proceedings of the new england historic genealogical society at the annual meeting january 3 1877
Project of a new system of arithmetic weight measure and coins proposed to be called the tonal system with sixteen to the base
Lanes exchequer reports being a reprint of reports of cases in the court of exchequer from 1605 to 1612
La cuestion de limites entre el per ?? y el brasil escrito por encargo del supremo gobierno numero 3
Rugby memoir of archbishop temple 1857
United states bureau of education chapters from the report of the commissioner of education for 1893 94
Union league april 27th 1892 banquet in commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of the birthday of ulysses s grant
Facts concerning the natural history c of the gigantic irish deer
Purdue university twenty first annual announcement of the school of pharmacy 1904
The registers of canon frome co hereford 1680
The yale literary magazine vol xxi no iii december 1855 pp 86
Report of a survey of the organization scope and finances of the public school system of oakland california
The ministers club 1870
Berzelius werden und wachsen 1779
Arithmetic tests and studies in the psychology of arithmetic vol i no 4 august 27 1917 whole no 4
Report of albert f noyes city engineer and edward a buss c e on plan for surface drainage for the city of newton mass dec 12 1892
Practical proofs of chemical laws a course of experiments upon the combining proportions of the chemical elements
The new york medical eclectic vol vi august 1879 no 8 pp 337
A code of contract law relating to sales of goods of the value of ??10 and upwards a handbook for the use of professional business man
The big four vol ii no 3 pp 83
Debaters handbook series selected articles on world peace including international arbitration and disarmament
Results of astronomical observations made at the sydney observatory new south wales in the years 1877 and 1878
Rules of discipline and advices of the yearly meeting of the religious society of friends held in philadelphia fifteenth and race streets
The growth and administration of the british colonies 1837
Territory of oklahoma session laws of 1901 passed at the sixth regular session of the legislative assembly of the territory of oklahoma
I general considerations upon major anesthesia ii threatened death during major anesthesia iii a brief digression upon shock
Rules for admission to the bar in the several states and territories of the united states together with the code of ethics
Spain its government and policy its loans and resources considered with reference to the claims of its foreign creditors
Science simplified and philosophy natural and experimental made easy first series containing i animal physiology ii vegetable physiology iii
The three tales of the three priests of peebles rendered from the ancient scots vernacular into modern scottish
American and english reports references and certificates concerning the patent box lined with soft metal
The principle figures of language and figures of thought in isaeus and the guardianiship speeches of demosthenes
An account of the forests of russia and their products in comparison with the territorial area and with the population
On a new method of obtaining the differentials of functions with especial reference to the newtonian conception of rates or velocities
Ten years report of the american society for the extension of university teaching 1890
An introductory lecture on the study of english law delivered in university college london on monday december 17 1838
Dynamic electricity its modern use and measurement chiefly in its application to electric lighting and telegraphy
Domestic piety or the church member at home an address forming the annual letter to the churches of the buckinghamshire association
Letter to robert schuyler esq president of the illinois central railroad on the value of the public lands of illinois
Mr gladstones finance from his accession to office in 1853 to his budget of 1862 reviewed by the right hon b disraeli
Little journeys to the homes of eminent painters pp 445
Geschichte m ??hrens 1 bd 2 abth bis 1197 pp 124
General series in anthropology no 6 contributions from the laboratory of anthropology 2 the sinkaietk or southern okanagon of washington
Rhetorica recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit a s wilkins tomus i libros de oratore tres continens
The history of auricular confession religiously morally and politically considered among ancient and modern nations vol i
Life of lieut general hugh mackay of scoury commander in chief of the forces in scotland 1689 and 1690
Calendar of the close rolls preserved in the public record office edward i vol iv a d 1296
Slavery the mere pretext for the rebellion not its cause andrew jacksons prophecy in 1833 his last will and testament in 1843
Proceedings of the library association of the united kingdom at their eighth annual meeting held at plymouth september 15th to 18th 1885
Memoir on a new and certain method of ascertaining the figure of the earth by means of occultations of the fixed stars pp 1 42
An answer to the remarks and recommendations of her majestys commissioners for inquiring into the state
The second and fourth annual report of the directors of the northern railroad corporation to the stockholders
Selections for latin prose with occasional critical questions taken from the woolwich sandhurst and direct examination papers and other sources
Railroad communication across the continent with an account of the central pacific railroad of california
Histoires choisies extraites de nos meilleurs ??crivains contemporains ed with biographies and explanatory notes
History of the battle monument at west point to which is added a description of the quarrying working transportation and erection of the shaft
The geology of littleton new hampshire with an article on a trilobite from littleton and notes on other fossils from the same locality
The bulletin of zoological nomenclature the official organ of the international commission on zoological nomenclature volume 7 parts 1 8
Hannibal sive disputatio qua id agitur ut summus ille poenorum imperator contra criminationes quasdam t livii defensus detur
The cleveland medical gazette vol iii august 1888 no 10 pp 363
A memoir of the late major general robert craufurd reprinted from the military panorama of october 1812 with an account of his funeral
An alphabetical list of the officers of the ninety fourth regiment scotch brigade from 1800 to 1869
Selections from the writings of mrs margaret m davidson the mother of lucretia maria and margaret m davidson
Biennial report of the state historical and natural history society of colorado december 1 1906 to december 30 1908
Columbia university contributions to philosophy psychology and education vol x no 2 the free will problem in modern thought pp 139
Catalogue of the library manuscripts and autographs of the late charles w frederickson may 24 28 1897
Mosaic history and gospel story epitomised in the congo language with translations of several passages of scripture
Centennial papers published by order of the general conference of the congregational churches of connecticut
The chinese book of etiquette and conduct for women and girls entitled instruction for chinese women and girls
Obituary addresses on the occasion of the death of the hon daniel webster of massachusetts secretary of state for the united states
A review of the report of a select committee of the house of commons on the state of the west india colonies
The american bar association the dartmouth college case and private corporations ninth annual meating august 19 1886
The historic significance of episcopacy in scotland 1560
The attorney and agents new and complete table of costs in the courts of kings bench and common pleas
The social outlook papers on social problems read at the second oxford conference of the wesleyan methodist union for social service easter 1910
Abstracts from the wills and testamentary documents of binders printers and stationers of oxford from 1493 to 1638
Depreciation of public utility properties and its relation to fair value and changes in the level of prices
Bulletin miscellaneous papers botanical investigations and experiments and seed and plant introduction and distribution issued july 18 1903
A concise history of the commencement progress and present condition of the american colonies in liberia
Journal of social science containing the proceedings of the american association number xlii september 1904
The royal exchange and the palace of industry or the possible future of europe and the world in three parts
The unsafe anchor or eternal hope a false hope being strictures on canon farrars westminster abbey sermons
Natural taxation an inquiry into the practicability justice and effects of a scientific and natural method of taxation
Rudimentary treatise on the construction of cranes and machinery for raising heavy bodies for the erection of buildings and for hoisting goods
Documents in relation to the differences which subsisted between the late commodore o h perry and captain j d elliot
Small books on great subjects no xi christian sects in the nineteenth century in a series of letters to a lady
A treatise on trigonometry pp 1
Riverside literature series holmes leaflets poems and prose passages from the works of oliver wendell holmes for reading and recitation
Preliminary resolutions for the consideration of the united states section of the international high commission
Unthinkables pp 1
Bi centennial celebration at sudbury mass april 18 1876 full report of exercises including the oration pp 3 43
Dans t
The tientsin massacre the causes of the late disturbances in china and how to secure permanent peace
Irvines dictionary of titles an exhaustive work on the correct use of titles and salutations in writing and speaking upon original plans
Reminiscences sketches and addresses selected from my papers during a ministry of forty five years in mississippi louisiana and texas
Transactions of the maine homoeopathic medical society at its twenty eighth annual meeting vol viii held at augusta june 5 1894
The pearl of days or the advantages of the sabbath to the working classes by a labourers daughter with a sketch of the authors life by herself
How to detect counterfeit bank notes or an illustrated treatise on the detection of counterfeit altered and spurious bank notes
A scotch play house being the historical records of the old theatre royal marischal street aberdeen
Monsieur de courpi ??re com ??die en quatre actes repr ??sent ?? pour la premi ??re fois sur le th ??atre de lath ??n ??e le 7 novembre 1907
K ??nstle
No 75 seventh annual report of the state charities aid association to the state commission in lunacy november 1 1899
Historical index to the manuals of the corporation of the city of new york valentines manuals 1841 to 1870
Catalogue of british fossorial hymenoptera formicid ?? and vespid ?? in the collection of the british museum
Creighton biographical sketches of edward creighton john a creighton mary lucretia creighton sarah emily creighton
The life and death of doctor faustus made into a farce with the humours of harlequin and scaramouche london 1697
The poultry doctor including the homeopathic treatment and care of chickens turkeys geese ducks and singing birds
A few notes on the public schools and universities of holland and germany taken during a tour in the summer of 1839
Catalogue of the pedagogical library and the books of reference in the office of the superindendent of public schools philadelphia
The biology physiology and sociology of reproduction also sexual hygiene with special reference to the male
Inventors and mone
Lloyd george the man and his story pp 1
Grammar school classics catulli tibulli propertii poemata selecta selections from catullus tibullus and propertius with english notes
Improvement of the cereals and an essay on the wheat fly pp 1
Catalogue of a loan collection of ancient and historic articles copley hall boston april 19 21 1897
Remains historical and literary connected with the palatine counties of lancaster and chester volume 20
The religions of the world and their relations to christianity considered in eight lectures founded by the hon robert boyle
Questions in pure mathematics proposed at the b a and b sc pass and honours examinations of the university of london with complete solutions
Remains historical and literary connected with the palatine counties of lancaster and chester vol lxviii
Drurys recreative french grammar being in an amusing point of view it is alike suitabe for school youth or the adult
The registers of moreton corbet shropshire 1580
The art of projecting a manual of experimentation in physics chemistry and natural history with the porte lumiere and magic lantern
Remains historical and literary connected with the palatine counties of lancaster and chester vol lii collectanea anglo poetica
Perran zabuloe with an account of the past and present state of the oratory of st piran in the sands and remarks on its antiquity
Report of the proceedings of the society of the army of the tennessee at the twenty fourth meeting held at st louis mo nov 16th and 17th 1892
Elements of the theory and practice of book keeping based upon the principle of correlative double entry for schools classes and private students
Drafting instruments and operations in four divisions a textbook for schools and artisans classes and for self instruction
Questions of war peace
Mcgill university papers from the department of geology no 11 an experimental investigation into the flow of marble pp 363
One hundred years ago or the life and times of the rev walter dulany addison 1769
The new laws of employers liability in england and france and their bearing on the law of the province of quebec with the text of the two acts
An address delivered at the music hall boston in aid of the fund for balls equestrian statue of washington on the evening of 13 may 1859 pp 3 57
The american system or the effects of high duties on imports designed for the encouragement of domestic industry
A rational account of the weather shewing the signs of its several changes and alterations together with the philosophical reasons of them
A vindication of the most reverend thomas cranmer lord archbishop of canterbury and therewith of the reformation in england
Reports of cases decided in the eastern district court of the colony of the cape of good hope vol x part i iv
The love letters of victor hugo 1820
Bulletin of the pennsylvania department of labor and industry a bulletin of information for the public volume v series of 1918 no 1
On the choice of books the inaugural address of thomas carlyle lord rector of the university of edinburgh
Statistics of telegraphy read before the statistical society june 18th 1872 pp 1
Catalogue of the aristotelian and philosophical portions of the library of the late henry william chandler m a
First triennial report of the alden kindred of america with the proceedings of the meetings held at avon mass 1901 and at duxbury mass 1902
vangelical alliance 1873 the best methods of counteracting modern infidelity a paper read before the general conference
Transactions of the twenty fifth annual meeting of the alumnae association of the womans medical college of pennsylvania may 17th and 18th 1900
An oration delivered on the fourth of july 1861 before the municipal authorities of the city of boston
Register of the proprietors of the boston athenaeum from its foundation to december 31 1897 according yo the certificate book
Report of the board of state commissioners for the general supervision of charitable penal pauper and reformatory institutions pp 1
Movements or exercises according to lings system for the due development and strengthening of the human body in childhood and in youth
How will free trade in corn affect the farmer being an examination of the effects of corn laws upon british agriculture
Recollections of adventures pioneering and development in south africa 1850
Three lectures delivered before the michigan state agricultural society at its annual meeting at lansing january 17 1865 pp 1 93
Were heretics ever burned alive at rome a report of the proceedings in the roman inquisition against fulgentio manfredi
Tables for the use of engineers and architects in taking out quantities of masonry ironwork c
Argument for claiments in the case of the u s and paraguay navigation co vs the republic of paraguay
Some observations upon the recent addition of a reading room to the british museum with plans sections and other illustrative documents
University of illinois studies in language and literature vol iii february 1917 no 1 the ad deum vadit of jean gerson
The works of eugene field vol iii the writings in prose and verse of eugene field second book of verse
Hughess educational course the difficulties of english grammar and analysis simplified with a brief sketch of the history of the language
Methods of location or modes of describing and adjusting railway curves and tangents as practiced by the engineers of pennsylvania
An elegy on the death of a most dear and affectionare daughter miss harriet taylor who died november 15 1794 in the 25th year of her age
A catalogue of about 130 selected french almanacs from a complete collection 1694
Celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the second presbyterian church of peoria illinois december sixth and seventh a d 1903
The history of the town of putney pp 218
Religious liberty in south america with special reference to recent legislation in peru ecuador and bolivia
A journey in southeastern mexico narrative of experiences and observations on agricultural and industrial conditions
New french manual of conversation and commercial correspondence for the use of the student and the courist
Paris salon
Stories by english authors germany etc pp 1
The wit and humor of america in ten volumes vol vii pp 1243
Stories by american authors vol ii pp 1
Clock and watch work from the eighth edition of the encyclop ??dia britannica with all the latest improvements
Annals of the lords of warrington and bewsey from 1587 to 1833 when warrington became a parliamentary borough in two parts
The representation of the people act 1867 30 31 vict c 102
Yeshud ??s
Wentworth hills exercise manuals no iii geometry
The rev oliver arnold first rector of sussex n b with some account of his life his parish and his successors and the old indian college
Some early italian engravings before the time of marcantonio pp 252
Carnegie endowment for international peace founded december fourteenth 1910 year book for 1913
Report of the state treasurer of the state of the state of new hampshire for the year ending vol ii part ii may 31 1896 pp 95
Annual report of the surgeon general of the public health and marine hospital service of the united states for the fiscal year 1907
Storia della toscana sino al principato con diversi saggi sulle scienze lettere e arti tomo terzo parte prima
Papers and proceedings of the sixth general meeting of the american library association held at buffalo august 14 to 17 1883
Addresses at the inauguration of jared sparks as president of harvard college wednesday june 20 1849 pp 1 58
The origin and composition of the roman catholic liturgy and its difference from that of the orthodox church
The whistling buoy pp 871
The fate of dietrich flade pp 189
Report on the progress and condition of the illinois state museum of natural history for the year 1913
Bulletin no 6 of the illinois state museum of natural history description of new species of pal ??ozoic echinodermata
Speeches of the hon gideon haynes hon w s brakenridge and hon hugh w greene on the question as to incorporating the town of belmont
Synopsis of lectures on church history general introduction history of christian doctrine 100
A series of figures illustrative of geometrical optics together with an explanation forming a treatise
A statement of the case of brigadier general joseph w revere united states volunteers tried by cour
The rhinegold the valkyrie
The bishop paddock lectures 1892 the sacramental system considered as the extension of the incarnation
S s little classics herbert spencer selection from
Topographical and historical sketches of the town of northborough with the early history of marlborough in the commonwealth of massachusetts
On some defects in public school education a lecture delivered at the royal institution on friday february 8th 1867
The servant of jehovah a commentary grammatical and critical upon isaiah lii 13 liii 12 with dissertations
The sectional controversy or passages in the political history of the united states including the causes of the war between the sections
The boys own to
American consular service pp 387
The economic theory of risk and insurance pp 287
Floriculture comprising the general management and propagation of stove green house and hardy herbaceous plants hardy trees and shrubs
Four weeks among some of the sioux tribes of dakota and nebraska together with a brief consideration of the indian problem
Report on the proposed trunk line of railway from an eastern port in nova scotia through new brunswick to quebec
The russian diary of an englishman petrograd 1915
The scepticism of the nineteenth century selections from the latest works with a short account of the author
Ein beitrag zur geschichte des stoicismus inaugural dissertation der philosophischen facultat zu leipzig
Random notes and rambling recollections of drydock the dock or kelvindock all now known by the modern name of maryhill 1750
Th ?? ??tre choisi de j de rotrou avec une ??tude portrait grav ?? a leau forte par lalauze tome second
Reasons for our faith six lectures on modern misrepresentations of the christian religion and the christian evidences with references and notes
Quincy adams shaw collection italian renaissance sculpture paintings and pastels exhibition opening april 18 1918
The public school french grammar giving the latest results of modern philology adapted for the use of english schools
Sacred history comprising the chief events mentioned in the holy scriptures in the order of chronology
The assault on fort wagner july 18 1863 the memorable charge of the fifty fourth regiment of massachusetts volunteers
Consid ??rations sur les localisations c ??r ??brales et en particulier sur le siege de la faculte du langage articule
An appeal to tradesmen relating to sundry abuses deeply affecting their interests with practical remedies
The signs and minor diseases of pregnancy with remarks on the use of chloroform and the maternal management of infants
Questions for classical students on the first books of caesars gallic war and xenophons anabasis with grammatical references
Remains historical and literary connected with the palatine counties of lancaster and chester vol lxxvii collectanea anglo poetica
The protestant exiles of zillerthal their persecutions and expatriation from the tyrol translated from the german
A concise synopsis of geography for the use of the junior department of the royal military college at sandhurst
Organization and administrative methods of the board of revision of taxes of philadelphia county a descriptive statement september 23 1913
Tales of marthas vineyard cape cod and all along shore eighty years ashore and afloat or the thrilling adventures of uncle jethro
The registers of cressage shropshire 1605
Sermons preached in toronto during the session of the wesleyan conference and published by request as a memorial of the toronto conference of 1870
Letters from the illinois 1820
Master boiler makers association official reports prepared by committees for the thirteenth annual convention
Report of the secretary of state in relation to the criminal returns of the state of iowa for the years 1888 and 1889
The british empire and world peace being the burwash memorial lectures delivered in convocation hall university of toronto november 1921
Selected bibliography on ports and harbors and their administration laws finance equipment and engineering
Remains historical literary collectanea anglo poetica
The cross holly easter lilies
Fourth report of the board of commissioners of agriculture and forestry of the territory of hawaii for the year ending december 31 1907
Acts and joint resolutions of the general assembly of the state of south carolina passed at the extraordinary session of 1914
Our present gaol system deeply depraving to the prisoner and a positive evil to the community some remedies proposed
The seven little sisters prove their sisterhood a companion to the seven little sisters who live on the round ball that floats in the air
Remains historical and literary connected with the palatine counties of lancaster and chester vol ix the norris papers
Women in education being the transactions of the educational section of the international congress of women london july 1899 vol ii
The practice of naval summary court
Report of an exploration and survey of the territory on the aroostook river during the spring and autumn of 1838
Ecclesiastes or the confessions of an adventurous soul a practical application of the book of koheleth called ecclesiastes
Academic honors in princeton university 1748
I love to eat fruits and vegetables j aime manger des fruits et des legumes
Reinforced concrete constructionprinciples volume 1 fundamental prepared in the extension division of the university of wisconsin
Bulletin of the university of new hampshire vol xxxi february 1940 no 6 catalog 1940
A popular sketch of electr
A popular california flora or manual of botany for beginners to which is added an analytical key to west coast botany
The moxford book of english verse 1340
The terms and language of trade and commerce and of the business of every day life alphabetically arranged and fully explained
Mujeres desaparecidas en puebla informe 2005
The two powers and other original tales with miscellaneous pieces in prose and verse being the first of series entitled the australian once a year
Notes of the law and practice of the court of record for the town and borough of southwark with rules forms and precedents for costs and court fees
Domestic manners and customs of the hindoos of northern india or more strictly speaking of the north west provinces of india
House of representatives 52 d congress 2d session no 99 memorial addresses on the life and character of john r gamble
Thirteenth annual report of the bryn mawr hospital bryn mawr pa opened october 3d 1893 june 12th 1906
Neutrality in time of danger to the church an abandonment of the faith and very short sighted worldly policy
American lectures on history of relogions sixth series
The law of trad
The concentration of wealth a study as to its causes results and remedies pp 1
Butterfly song a woman s journey back into life
Dora knowlton ranous author editor translator a simple recordof a noble life pp 5 35 not complete
De lange reis van de regen in de drop
A sermon preached before the honourable the house of commons at st margarets weftminfter upon friday the 14th of march 1760
Fifty sixth report of the association for oxford and its vicinity in aid of the church missionary society annual report 1884 85
Allgemeines deutsches bücher lexikon oder vollständiges alphabetisches verzeichniss derjenigen schriften vol 11
New york state library history bulletin ii early records of the city and county of albany and colony of resselaerswyck volume 4
Harpers life insurance library the house of protection pp 1
Come hither i will shew unto thee the condemnation of the great harlot that sitteth upon many waters apocalypse xvii
Studies in gods methods of training workers pp 1
A classical dictionary containing brief and accurate accounts of the proper names mentioned in classical literature
Regulations for the government of naval districts of the united states medical department june 1917
A letter to the earl of ellesmere on the subject of a new alphabetical catalogue of the printed books in the british museum
History of spencer from its earliest settlement to the year 1841 including a brief sketch of leicester to the year 1753
The duty and the discipline of extemporary preaching pp 1
Pathology and treatment of venereal diseases comprising the most recent doctrines on the subject pp 1
Micro expressions
Earth closets
William rogers series commercial correspondence
The mosaic cosmogony a literal translation of the first chapter of genesis with annotations and rationalia
The unseen universe or physical speculations on a future state pp 1
Proceedings of the annual convention of the state society of labor and industry held at topeka kan february 6 7 and 8 1911
White upon black or short narratives by a dweller in the region of white chalk of his descents into the regions of black coal
A brief history of the north carolina troops on the continental establishment in the war of the revolution with a register of officers of the same
An enquiry into and an explanation of decimal coinage and the metric system of weights measures
What is political science an inaugural lecture given in the convocation hall of the university of toronto 9th november 1888
The old south council called for the installation of the rev george a gordon wednesday april 2 1884 pp 6 49
A list of books and pamphlets in the national art library south kensington museum illustrating glass
Proceedings of the american society of international law at its fifteen annual meeting held at washington d c april 27 30 1921
Radiography and the x rays in practice and theory with constructional and manipulatory details pp 1
Annual report of the commissioners of the district of columbia year ended june 30 1916 vol iii report of the health officer
Remains historical and literary connected with the palatine counties of lancaster and chester vol 2 new series the vicars rochdale part 2
Reminiscences of the late thomas assheton smith esq or the pursuits of an english country gentleman
Carnegie endowment for international peace division of international law an international court of justice
Report of the thirty fourth annual lake mohonk conference on the indian and other dependent peoples october 18th 19th and 20th 1916
On euplectella aspergillum also on a new form of globigerina phosphorescent animalcules sea sawdust new forms of foraminifera and polycystina
Principles of theoretical chemistry with special reference to the constitution of chemical compounds
Der handel seine wirtschaftliche bedeutung seine nationalen pflichten und sein verhaeltnis zum staate
A tribute to the principles virtues habits and public usefulness of the irish and scotch early settlers of pennsylvania pp 1
Deux ans de peste ?? chalon sur sa ??ne 1578
The religions of the world and their relations to christianity considered in eight lectures founded by the hon robert boyle
Report of the commissioners representing the state of new york at the universal exposition at paris france 1900
The new utopia or progress and prosperity free railways or the abolition of tolls and taxes pp 1 23
The death and funeral ceremonies of john caldwell calhoun containing the speeches reports and other documents connected therewith
The law and practice under the bills of sale act 1878 comprising the act rules and forms with notes on the general rule of bills of sale
Curtis bay its superior advantages and admirable location as the only existing and available deep water harbor contiguous to the city of baltimore
Modified specifications for triple expansion twin screw propelling machinery for u s s san francisco no 5
An account of the rise and establishment of the infirmary or hospital for sick poor erected at edinburgh
Visions of the cailleach exploring the myths folklore and legends of the pre eminent celtic hag goddess
The substitution of similars the true principle of reasoning derived from a modification of aristotle`s dictum pp 4 86
Catalogue of the cabinet of natural history of the state of new york and of the historical and antiquarisn collection annexed thereto
Four lectures on the evidences of christianity delivered in southwark 1834 to the junior members of the society of friends
Part i paintings catalogue of the private art collection of thomas b clarke new york to be sold at absolute public sale
Buying brains pp 1
Enstehung der generalversammlungen der katholiken deutschlands und die erste grundlegende zu mainz im jahre 1848
U s departament of agriculture office of experiment stations bulletin 237 irrigation in california
Johns hopkins university studies in historical and political science series xix nos 6 7 the history of suffrage in virginia pp 279
The martyrdom of ignatius bishop of antioch in the year 109 and of polycarp bishop of smyrna in the middle of the second century
A congratulatory poem on the late successes of the british arms particularly the triumphant evacuation of boston pp 5 27
General view of the agriculture of the isle of man with observations on the means of its improvement
An oration pronounced before the citizens of boston on the anniversary of the declaration of american independence july 4th 1831
On the preservation of the health of seamen especially of those frequenting calcutta and the other indian ports
The shrines of lourdes zaragossa the holy stairs at rome the holy house of loretto and nazareth and st ann at jerusalem
Biographical notes of xviii xix century mezzotinters
The origin development of rochesters park system
The life and work of charles darwin a lecture delivered to the leeds philosophical and literary society
Geometrical deductions book ii corresponding to euclid book ii with miscellaneous deductions from books i and ii pp 143
Evidence on the subject of church rates before the select committee of the house of commons on the 27th of 6th month 1851
The voice of childhood or the influence and the poetry the wrongs and the wants of the little ones
Netherton on sea
An historical address delivered in the town hall at amherst january 19 1874 on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary
A brief history of the first baptist church in cambridge with the declaration of faith the church covenant and list of members
A memorial address on the late marshall pinckney wilder president of the new england historic geneological society
The ohio state university bulletin vol xvi june 1912 no 40 stresses in tall buildings bulletin no 8 college of engineering
Political and social progress in latin america the annals vol xxxvii no 3 may 1911 pp 579
The correspondence of thomas carlyle and ralph waldo emerson 1834
The idol breaker a play of the present day in five acts scene individable setting forth the story of a morning in the ripening summer
Aesthetic physical culture a self instructor for all cultured circles and especially for oratorical and dramatic artists
The historical development of school readers and method in teaching reading pp 109
Remains historical literary connected with the palatine counties of lancaster and chester vol xcvi
A letter to doctor tucker on his proposal of a separation between great britain and her american colonies
Centenary history of the south place society based on four discourses given in the chapel in may and june 1893 pp 1
The inheritance tax act of 1916 public laws chapter 1339 as amended passed by the general assembly at its january session a d 1916
In memoriam isaac newton arnold nov 30 1813 apr 24 1884 arthur mason arnold may 13 1858 apr 26 1873
Collected poems 1901
Original cornish ballads chiefly founded on stories to which are appended some drafts of kindred character
The army lists of the roundheads and cavaliers containing the names of the officers in the royal and parliamentary armies of 1642
Memoirs of the geological survey england and wales the geology of the country around attleborough watton and wymondham
Report or essay to illustrate the advantages of direct inland communication through kent surrey susser and pants
Modern ideas and methods for school teachers and students in training from a practical teachers note book
A study of the moral and religious elements in american secondary education up to 1800 a dissertation
Law and democracy an address delivered before the graduating classes at the sixty second anniversary of the yale law school on june 29th 1886
Vol ix part i reports of cases decided in the eastern district court of the colony of the cape of cood hope
Shakespeares julius caesar with introduction and notes explanatory and critical for use in schools and classes
The scientific chronology of the year 1839 a sign of the near approach of the kingdom of god luke xxi 31
Sermons preached in the second church dorchester pp 1
Catalogue of the madreporarian corals in the british museum natural history vol vi the family poritidae ii the genus porites
An historical discourse delivered at the celebration of the second centennial anniversary of the first baptist church in providence november 7 1839
Kitty of the sherragh vane and the schoolmasters pp 247
Leaves for quiet hours new york
Cartas de un americano sobre las ventajas de los gobiernos republicanos federativos classic reprint
In dubio pro europa an analysis of the european external action structures after the treaty of lisbon
Re evolution
An analysis of the fifth book of hookers ecclesiastical polity adapted to scholastic and popular use
Post truth
New series no 27 the annual monitor for 1869 or obituary of the members of the society of friends in great britain and ireland for the year 1868
Hispanic notes monographs i fray luis de león
Third volume of letters writ by a turkish spy who livd five and forty years undiscoverd at paris vol 3
An analysis of the mineral waters of saratoga and ballston with practical remarks on their medical properties pp 1
Tourist rambles in yorkshire lincolnshire durham northumberland derbyshire
Biographical notice of edward livingston read before the american philosophical society classic reprint
Joseph ignace guillotin 1738
Essai sur la vie de rabaut de saint étienne pasteur a nimes membre de lassemblée constituante et de la convention nationale 1743
Speech of mr horace mann of mass on the subject of slavery in the territories and the consequences of the threatened dissolution of the union
Ancient city of gorgeana and modern town of york maine from its earliest settlement to the present time
Catalogue of the species of entozoa or intestinal worms contained in the collection of the british museum
Grundriss der indo arischen philologie und altertumskunde encyclopedia of indo aryan research epic mythology
Sabbath school manual or religious exercises for the morning and evening of each sabbath in the year
War speeches by british ministers 1914
Regles internationales de la nomenclature botanique adoptees par le congres international de botanique de vienne 1905 1
Speech of mr woodbury of new hampshire in executive session on the treaty for the reannexation of texas to the united states
Séances et travaux de lacadémie des sciences morales et politiques institut impérial de france 1865 vol 72
Speech of rev l t chamberlain at the mass meeting in mccormick hall chicago may 3 1875 classic reprint
Bradford paul raymond 1846
The practical applications of electricity a series of lectures delivered at the institution of civil engineers session 1882 83
Narrative of a recent journey of six weeks in ireland in connexion with the subject of supplying small seed to some of the remoter districts
Flora of nebraska a list of the conifers and flowering plants of the state with keys for their determination
Notes of a course of nineteen lectures on natural philosophy delivered at guys hospital during the session 1872 73
Catalogue of miniature portraits landscapes and other pieces executed by charles fraser and exhibited in fraser gallery at charleston 1857
The new code 1871 the useful knowledge reading books adapted to the use of board schools and others under government inspection
Moseteno vocabulary and treatises pp 1
Kritische beiträge zur geschichte der jugend und jugendwerke nodiers 1780
Captain maurys letter on american affairs hon j c breckinridges address to the people of kentucky
Addresses delivered at the celebration of the one hundred and fifth anniversary of the birth of abraham lincoln classic reprint
Dulce est periculum new verses from the harvard advocate 1876
Extracts from the letters and other writings of the late joseph gurney bevan preceded by a short memoir of his life
The eton register part ii 1853
Return relating to cases of extradition of prisoners under treaty between great britain and united states
Will o the wisps
Report by dr m c cooke on the oil seeds and oils in the india museum or produced in india pp 2 85
The apostolical constitutions and cognate documents with special reference to their liturgical elements
Summing up for the petitioners in the matter of charges preferred against asa bird gardiner district attorney of new york county pp 2 90
Das pflanzenreich regni vegetabilis conspectus im auftrage der königl preuss akademie der wissenschaften hrgs von a engler
Bishop gilbert burnet as educationist being his thoughts on education with notes and life of the author
The viceroy of new spain vol i no ii march 11 1913 pp 100
International health exhibition london 1884 legal obligations in relation to the dwellings of the poor
Lectures of a chapter senate council
A tour in germany and some of the southern provinces of the austrian empire in the years 1820 1821 1822 vol 2 of 2 classic reprint
The parochial registers of saint germain en laye vol 1 1689
Register zu den abhandlungen denkschriften und reden der k bayer akademie der wissenschaften 1807
Descriptive catalogue of rock specimens collected by the geological survey of scotland and exhibited in the edinburgh museum of science and art
The illinois cook book from recipes contributed by the ladies of paris and published for the benefit of grace episcopal church
War of antichrist with the church and christian civilization lectures delivered in edinburgh in october 1884
The life work of roger bacon
The phonology of the bakhtiari badakhshani and madaglashti dialects of modern persian with vocabularies
Field museum of natural history publication 180 anthropological series vol xiv no i traditions of the tinguian
The tefft ancestry comprising many hitherto unpublished records of descendants of john tefft of portsmouth rhode island
The use of the adjective as a substantive in the de rerum natura of lucretius pp 180
The development of the anti japanese agitation in the united states vol xxxvii no 4 december 1922 pp 605 638
A brief summary of christian doctrine and a form of covenant adopted by the first church in dedham march 9 1821
First report of the industrial accident board of the state of california from september 1 1911 to december 31 1912
A discourse in commemoration of the life and services of daniel webster delivered before the citizens of providence november 23 1852
Ribingtons text books of english history vol viii the expansion of great britain 1715
The drama of three hundred sixty five days
A compendium of the comparative grammar of the indo european sanskrit greek and latin languages part ii pp 161
Columbia university oriental studies vol xiii aram and israel or the aramaeans in syria and mesopotamia
Early history of the lutheran church in america from the settlement of the swedes on the delaware to the middle of the eighteenth century
House no 201 petition of the boston hoosac tunnel and western railroad company pp 153
The war activities of topsfield massachusetts during the great war
Report of the trial of the rev david brigham before referees charged by the trustees of framingham academy with falsehood and duplicity
Filosofia natural paul feyerabend
An elementary treatise on trilinear co ordinates the method of reciprocal polars and the theory of projections
The first letter of christopher columbus to the noble lord raphael sanchez announcing the discovery of america
Ueber die sprache in tennysons idylls of the king in ihrem verh ??ltniss zur bibel und zu shakspere inaugural dissertation
Der ideengehalt von richard wagners ring des nibelungen in seiner beziehungen zur modernen philosophie
Investigaciones filosóficas ludwig wittgenstein
El escriba sagrado filosofía del origen de la idea de la escritu r
Derecho de soñar gaston bachelard
Historia de los papas en el siglo xx a traves de biografias novelas y peliculas onesimo diaz hernandez
Humanismo y ética básica ignacio sepulveda del rio
Mensaje de tus angeles doreen virtue
Identidad y conflicto aproximacion a la tradicion oral de guinea ecuatorial jacint creus
Ovnis en andalucia jose manuel garcia bautista
The moral gap john e hare
Jesucristo el liberador leonardo boff
Dimensiones de la conciencia histórica raymond aron
Heidegger y los judios los cuadernos negros donatella di cesare
Senderos en el jardin del corazon poetica de la kabal
Hacia una filosofía de la ciencia centrada en prácticas sergio f martinez
La imaginaria ciudad del sol idea de una republica filosofica tommaso campanella
Filosofia de la masoneria cartas a constant johann gottlieb fichte
Fenomenologia del espiritu 2ª ed georg wilhelm friedrich hegel
The life and services of joel r poinsett the confidential agent in south carolina of president jackson during the nullification troubles of 1832
La exploracion de la conciencia en oriente y occident
Opus dei una investigacion vittorio messori
Mensaje de tus hadas doreen virtue
Simbolismo en la semana santa de sevilla pablo jesus borrallo sanchez
Los tres mundos para una teoria de la post crisis jacques attali
Indice generale degli atti e memorie della societa istriana di archeologia e storia patria fin qui pubblicati 1884
Itinerario hacia dios ignacio larrañaga orbegozo
Mi individualismo y otros ensayos natsume soseki
Ancestry of mary oliver who lived 1640
Los reyes magos adrian gilbert
El pensamiento britanico hasta la ilustracion del empirismo sobe rano al parlamento de las ideas enrique romerales
Filosofia conceptos psicologicos y psiquiatria alejandro tomasini bassols
Elogio del riesgo anne dufourmantelle
The yale literary magazine vol lxxxii no 5 february 1917 pp 127
Conocimiento cientifico y accion social critica epistemologica a la concepcion de ciencia en max we
Questions of the day no lvii the plantation negro as a freeman observations on his character condition and prospects in virginia
Pesimismo cosmico eugene thacker
Message of the acting governor stevens t mason to the legislative council of the territory of michigan of the 17th august 1835
Remarks on the sepulchral memorials of past and present times with some suggestions for improving the condition of our churches
Poultry appliances handicraft
Exchange fluctuations and tariff duties hearings before the committee on ways and means house of representatives december 9 10 14 and 16 1920
Early recorders and registers of deeds for the county of suffolk massachusetts 1639
The commonwealth of massachusetts laws relating to primaries caucuses and elections chapter 835 acts of 1913
Anomalies in the english church no just ground for seceding or the abnormal condition of the church
The riverside literature series the childrens hour and other poems paul reveres ride and other poems
On functional derangements of the liver being croonian lectures delivered at the royal college of physicians in march 1874
Mary whit
A political view of the times or a dispassionate inquiry into the measures and conduct of the ministry and opposition
Leaves from natures story book vol ii pp 1
Secretos de fátima janusz górny grzegorz rosikon
Hendersonian testimony being five essays by working men of glasgow on the advantages of the sabbath to the working classes
Las enseñanzas del buda la aplicacion del budismo en la vida dia ria c w leadbeater
Horace walpole and the strawberry hill press 1757
Proceedings of the twelfth and thirteenth annual meetings of the conference of state and provincial boards of health of north america
Illustrated catalogue of the museum of comparative zoology at harvard college no iii monograph of the north american astacidae
Antologia de cuentos de la india y el tibet ramiro calle
Guia completa ilustrada del feng shui los secretos de la sabidur ia china para obtener salud riqueza y felicidad lillian too
Shelleys prometheus unbound a study of its meaning and personages being a lecture delivered to the shelley society on 7th december 1886
Dilthey vida y expresion e historia angel gabilondo pujol
The pulpit and the pew lyman beecher lectures delivered 1913 before the divinity school of yale university
La madre del cordero curiosidades y secretos de la simbologia cristiana juan eslava galan
A description of the bones together with their several connexions with each other and with the muscles specially adapted for students in anatomy
El dios en quien no creo 22ª ed juan arias martinez
Publications no 6 of the illinois state historical library transactions of the illinois state historical society for the year 1901
Ambiente emocion y etica actitudes ante la cultura de la sosten ibilidad ramon folch
El matriarcado una investigacion sobre la ginecocracia en el mun do antiguo segun su naturaleza religiosa y juridica 2ª ed johann jakob bachofen
El viaje del heroe por el zodiaco daniel dancourt
Costumbres y rituales bereberes de los indigenas canarios roberto hernandez bautista
The register of the guild of knowle in the country of warwick 1451
Proceedings of the twentieth annual convention of the association of colleges and preparatory schools of the middle states and maryland
The constitutional interests of ireland with respect to the popery laws impartially investigated classic reprint
Historia de la filosofía política rustica leo strauss
Killing considered and a review of pirates bibles jews christians liberty daggers dollars politics and manners
A treatise concerning the influence of the sun and moon upon human bodies translated from the latin by thomas stack
The book of the americans creed issued under the auspices of national patriotic organizations classic reprint
Dizionario pittoresco di ogni mitologia dantichità diconologia e delle favole del medio evo vol 1 classic reprint
Diccionario de mitologia clasica vol 1 raquel lopez melero constantino falcon martinez emilio fernandez galiano
Curar con el poder de los angeles ejercicios y practicas para la curacion energetica del cuerpo y del alma jana haas
Pamphlet series of the carnegie endowment for international peace division of international law no 42 shantung
Virginia school report 1871 first annual report of the superintendent of public instruction for the year ending august 31 1871
Las profecias de nostradamus 2ª ed
Proceedings of the first general convention to consider the questions involved in mosquito extermination
Advice to booksellers perfumers c not to sell any more stamps with their medicines patent ones excepted nor the public to pay for them
The frozen stream or an account of the nature properties dangers and uses of ice in various parts of the world
The miserie of flaunders calamitie of fraunce misfortune of portugall unquietnes of irelande troubles of scotlande
Introduction to political science a treatise on the origin nature functions and organization of the state classic reprint
Scientific technical papers of werner von siemens
The gold seekers of 49 a personal narrative of the overland trail and adventures in california and oregon from 1849 to 1854
First fundamental basis of prof frs fauvel gourauds phren
Estlands aussen und sicherheitspolitik ii handlungsoptionen eines kleinstaates im rahmen seiner e
An inquiry into the currency principle the connection of the currency with prices and the expediency of a separation of issue from banking
Speech of mr clay of kentucky in support of his propositions to compromise on the slavery question classic reprint
Speech of hon humphrey marshall of kentucky in the house of representatives january 19 1859 classic reprint
The debates in parliament session 1833 on the resolutions and bill for the abolition of slavery in the british colonies
The late prints for a standing army and in vindication of the militia considerd are in some parts reconcild classic reprint
Report of sixth the annual meeting of the lake mohonk conference on international arbitration 1900 classic reprint
Puritanism not genuine protestantism being a review of the puritans and their principles by edwin hall
True stories from new england history 1620
Le brahme voyageur ou la sagesse populaire de toutes les nations pp 1
Proceedings of the indignation meeting held in faneuil hall thursday evening august 1 1878 classic reprint
Selected poems and songs of charles mackay with a commendatory and critical introduction by eminent writers
The early jesuit missions in north america compiled and translated from the letters of the french jesuits with notes part i
The journey of coronado 1540
The doctrine of the real presence as set forth in the works of divines and others in the english church since the reformation part ii
United states statutes concerning the registration of trad
What shall we do with our dependencies the annual address before the bar association of south carolina january 16 1903 pp 1 58
On the formation of the christian character addressed to those who are seeking to lead a religious life
The traffic library application of tariffs between and from points in western classification territory part ii
British mines considered as a means of investment with particulars of the principal dividend and progressive mines in england and wales
Proceedings of a general conference of bengal protestant missionaries held at calcutta september 4 7 1855
Devonshire other original poems with some account of ancient customs superstitions and traditions
Official proceedings of the seventh convention of the tran
New series no 24 the annual monitor for 1866 or obituary of the members of the society of friends
The poll taken on the 12th and 13th days of dec 1832 at the election of two representatives for the borough of leicester
The scuppernong grape its history and mode of cultivation with a short treatise on the manufacture of wine from it
Annual report of commission on the affairs of the narragansett indians made to the general assembly at its january session 1881
New series no 47 the annual monitor for 1889 or obituary of the members of the society of friends in great britain and ireland for the year 1888
The boys own guide to fishing tackl
133 tage ungarischer bolschewismus die herrschaft bela kuns und tioor szamuellys die blutigen ereignisse in ungarn
A brief account of thirty years of missionary work of the church missionary society in the punjab sindh 1852 to 1882
The fourfold difficulty of anglicanism or the church of england tested by the nicene creed in a series of letters
The ancient testimony of the religious society of friends commonly called quakers respecting some of their christian doctrines and practices
Syntagma of the evidences of the christian religion being a vindication of the manifesto of the hristian evidence society
Notes additions to the census of copies of the shakespeare first folio
The harper centennial 1817
New series no 12 the annual monitor for 1854 or obituary of the members of the society of friends in great britain and ireland for the year 1853
A key to the national arithmetic exhibiting the operation of the more difficult questions in that work for the use of teachers only
9e volume de la 2e série paris salon 1893 par les procédés phototypiques de e bernard c
Story of the slave paper read before the monmouth colony historical association on october 30th 1902 slavery and servitude in new jersey
The vitality of mormonism brief essays on distinctive doctrines of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints pp 1
Inner africa laid open in an attempt to trace the chief lines of communication across that continent south of the equator
Viii the american colonial charter a study of english administration in relation thereto chiefly after 1688
The sacred books of the old and new testaments a new english translation with explanatory notes and pictorial illustrations part 14
Results of observations of the fixed stars made with the madras meridian circle at the government observatory madras in the year 1874 1875 and 1876
Virginia presbyterianism and religious liberty in colonial and revolutionary times pp 1
The bible catechism arranged in forty divisions all the answers to the questions being in the exact words of scripture
The banks o cree and other poems pp 1
Supplement to a treatise on the west indian incumbered estates acts with reports of cases decided subsequently to the year 1864
Wald und baumkult in beziehung zur volksmedizin oberbayerns pp 8
Memorials of r harold a schofield m a m b oxon late of the china inland mission first medical missionary to chan si china
Treasury department united states coast and geodetic survey list and catalogue of the publications issued by the u s coast and geodetic survey 1816
Les déportations du nord de la france et de la belgique en vue du travail forcé et le droit international
The making and the unmaking of the preacher lectures on the lyman beecher foundation yale university 1898
Answers for henrietta sinclair lawful daughter and executrix decerned and ordained to the deceased donald sinclair of olrick
Dr alois pichler und der b ??cherdiebstahl aus der kaiserlichen ??ffentlichen bibliothek in st petersburg
Kulturbestrebungen des estnischen volkes während eines menschenalters 1869
Literature and art books book two pp 5
Scripture illustrated by engravings designed from existing authorities subjects selected from the old testament
Letters and correspondence public and private of the right honourable henry st john lord visc bolingbroke
Doutes et questions sur le traité de versailles entre le roi de france et limpératrice reine de hongrie
Physiologie du mariage ou méditations de philosophie éclectique sur le bonheur et le malheur conjugal
Three letters and an essay 1836
Compte rendu au roi par m necker directeur général des finances au mois de janvier 1781 imprimé par ordre de sa majesté
Relation des tourments quon fait souffrir aux protestants qui sont sur les galeres de france faite par jean bion
The legend of the glorious adventures of tyl ulenspiegel in the land of flanders elsewhere
The poem which the committee of the town of boston had voted unanimously to be published with the late oration with observations relating
The present state of the orkney islands considered with an account of their advantageous situation and conveniencies for trade
Die arbeitenden klassen und das associationswesen in deutschland als programm zu einem deutschen congress
Ueber nützliche verwaltung des predigtamts schulunterricht bildung der gemeinden und lebensgenuss auf dem lande vol 2 classic reprint
An oration delivered at the baptist meeting house in colebrook on the national thanksgiving classic reprint
Die lombardische gemeindeverfassung nach ihrer entstehung und ausbildung ihrem verfalle und ihrer wiederherstellung classic reprint
The state letters of henry earl of clarendon lord lieutenant of ireland during the reign of k james the second
Captain cooks three voyages to the pacific ocean the first performed in the years 1768 1769 1770 and 1771
The procession and ceremonies observed at the time of the installation of the knights companions of the most honourable military order of the bath
Annual report of the operations of the united states life saving service for the fiscal year ending june 30 1876
In the pronaos of the temple of wisdom containing the history of the true and the false rosicrucians
Dictionnaire des anoblis 1270
Ueber die gefährlichen classen der bevölkerung in den grossen städten und die mittel sie zu bessern
Pr ??terita
A record of the descendants of john baldwin of stonington conn with notices of other baldwins who selected america in early colony times
A speech delivered in the house of assembly of the province of pennsylvania may 24th 1764 by john dickinson esq
Catalogue of the sanskrit manuscripts in the library of the india office part v samscrit literature
The life of martin van buren heir apparent to the government and the appointed successor of general andrew jackson
The registers of hopton castle shropshire 1538
The dublin university calendar for the year 1915
Acetylene gas its nature properties and uses also calcium carbide its composition properties and method of manufacture
Southern practitioner vol xxx november 1908 no 11 pp 507
Sermon and addresses at the installation of the rev jacob m manning as associate pastor of the old south church in boston march 11 1857
The slaves champion or the life deeds and historical days of william wilberforce written in commemoration of the centenary of his birthday
The governmental history of the united states of america from the earliest settlement to the adoption of the present federal constitution
Herefordshire words phrases colloquial and archaic about 1300 in number current in the county
The landing at cape anne or the charter of the first permanent colony on the territory of the massachusetts company
Considerations sur le commerce et la navigation de la grande bretagne ouvrage traduit de langlois de mr joshua gee sur la quatriéme edition
Description of the western isles of scotland called hybrides with the genealogies of the chief clans of the isles
El poder de la influencia geografia del caciquismo en españa 18 75
Captain gronows last recollections being the fourth and final series of his reminiscences and anecdotes
Babilonia y babel el parlamento europeo desde dentro jesus bueno
Nouvelle arithm ??tique appliqu ??e au commerce ?? la marine pp 1 95
Camaradas relatos de un brigadista en la guerra civil española harry fisher
Examen du prince de machiavel avec des notes historiques politiques
A reply to the famous jew question in which from the public records and other undoubted authorities is fully demonstrated
Historia analisis del pasado y proyecto social josep fontana
The social history of great britain during the reigns of the stuarts beginning with the seventeenth century classic reprint
Schäffer und maunds americanischer stadt und land calender auf das jahr unsers heilandes jesu christi 1821
Message from the president of the united states returning the bank bill with his objections c
Observations addressed to the friends of the constitution occasioned by the late address of the whig club classic reprint
Prensa y politica en la españa de la restauracion rafael gasset y el imparcial j c sanchez illan
Encyclopedia perthensis or universal dictionary of the arts sciences literature c vol 17 of 23
Le temple des muses orné de lx tableaux où sont représentés les evenemens les plus remarquables de lantiquité fabuleuse
Dr ali s nutrition bible
Kosovo albania la guerra a europa origens evolucio i actualitat d un conflicte etnic r morozzo de la rocca
Révélations complètes sur la fran
Thoughts on the difficulties and distresses in which the peace of 1783 has involved the people of england
Isländische volkssagen der gegenwart vorwiegend nach mündlicher überlieferung gesammelt und verdeutscht
Vie priv ??e du cardinal dubois premier ministre archev ??que de cambrai c
De lhomme de ses facultés intellectuelles et de son éducation ouvrage posthume de m helvetius of 2 volume 1
Calm and respectful thoughts on the negative of the crown on a speaker chosen and presented by the representatives of the people
The victorious stroke for old england all preachers make all hearers one man against her enemies and down jericho
Extracts from such of the penal laws as particularly relate to the peace and good order of this metropolis
Answers for james greig tenant in balhungie administrator in law for alexander james margaret katharine janet agnes and elizabeth greigs
Anglo american relations 1861
An essay on the philosophy of self consciousness containing an analysis of reason and the rationale of love
The art of restoring or the piety and probity of general monk in bringing about the last restoration evidencd from his own authentic letters
Romances and narratives in sixteen volumes vol vii the fortunes and misfortunes of the famous moll flanders vol i
The southern whigs 1834
Notice sur melle eulalie petit directrice de lasile des orphelins catholiques de montréal classic reprint
Ausstellung von handschriften druckwerken bildern und tonwerken zur faustsage und faustdichtung veranstaltet vom freien deutschen hochstift
The science of homoeopathy or a critical and synthetical exposition of the doctrines of the homoeopathic school
Institute for government research the alaskian engineering commission its history activities and organization
The revisers english series of criticisms showing the revisers violations of the law of the language
Rules for admission to the bar in the several states and territories of the united states in force january 1 1919
The great blessing of stable times together with the means of procuring it a sermon preached at kings chapel in boston august 11 1763
Semi centennial anniversary of the south congregational society unitarian in lowell friday sept 26 1879
A pioneer voyage to california and round the world 1849 to 1852 pp 17
Play comprising games for the kindergarten playground schoolroom and college how to coach and play girls basket ball etc
The autobiography of gurdon saltonstall hubbard pa p
What think ye of christ being lectures on the incarnation and its interpretation in terms of modern thought
Abdallah or the four leaved shamrock pp 2
A manual of government in canada or the principles and institutions of our federal and provincial constitutions
Les bourreaux de jeanne darc et sa f ??te nationale notices sur les personnages du proces de condamnation documents sur la f ??te du patriotisme
A complete course of arithmetical examples and exercises for the use of schools and students preparing for examinations
De ecclesia the church new york
The pictorial model of the tabernacle its rites and ceremonies as inaugurated by moses and practised under his superintendence
A consideration of the sermon on the mount pp 1
An historical research respecting the opinions of the founders of the republic on negroes as slaves as citizens and as soldiers
Die erbenhaftung f ??r nachlassverbindlichkeiten nach neuem deutschen internationalen privatrechte inaugural dissertation
A history of the new testament times the time of jesus vol ii pp 1
F ??rst bismarck 1890
A sixth letter by the author of six former letters to the people of england part ii on t progress of national ruin
A discourse on death with applications of christian doctrine pp 2
Some account of sir robert mansel kt pp 1
Letters being the whole of the correspondence between the hon john jay esq and mr lewis littlepage
The adventures of sig gaudentio di lucca being the substance of his examination before the fathers of the inquisition at bologna in italy
New diptera from north america no 1280 pp 83
On the bank charter act of 1844 its principles and operation with suggestions for an improved administration of the bank of england
Books and their use an address to which is appended a list of books for students of the new testament
A cause of improved agriculture of plenty and cheapness of provisions of population and of both private and national wealth
Early american plays 1714
The yale literary magazine vol xxiv no vii june 1859 pp 289
Jacob benignus bossuet bischofs von meaux einleitung in die geschichte der welt und der religion classic reprint
Strictures on the letter of charles j ingersoll esq touching the right of a legislature to repeal a charter
Twenty second report of the state board of health of the state of vermont from january 1 1918 to december 31 1919
Notes on historical evidence in reference to adverse theories of the origin and nature of the government of the united states of america
Newcombs mathematical course elements of plane and spherical trigonometry with logarithmic and other mathematical tables
El mundo mágico de la constitución español
English exercises adapted to the murrays english grammar designed for the benefit of private learners as well as for the use of schools
The massachusetts colonial loan exhibit at the jamestown ter centennial exposition 1607
Speech of mr schenck of ohio in reply to mr giddings in the house of representatives december 27 1849
Baraja dominó de fonemas 3 berta isabel s ??nchez l ??pez mar ??a de las mercedes s ??nchez l ??pez
The treat
The reform of the church of scotland in worship government doctrine part i worship
Réponse aux libelles séditieux publiés à philadelphie contre les hommes de couleur de saint domingue
A strategy of decision policy evaluation as a social process political evaluation as a social process
Tyrants the world s 20 worst living dictators
Selectividad estudio de la obra antolog a de miguel hern ndez pilar fradejas alonso
Histoire du mouvement social en france 1852
Consid ??rations sur la nature de la revolution de france et sur les causes qui en prolongent la dur ??e par m mallet du pan
Cambridge natural science manuals physical series light an elementary text book theoretical and practical for colleges and schools
War songs pp 2
Zur biologie des estischen dachses meles taxus schreb mit besonderer berhtigung seines nutzens und schadens nebst anhang
History of the religious society of friends called by some the free quakers in the city of philadelphia
The life of st patrick apostle of ireland with a preliminary enquiry into the authority of the traditional history of the saint
über die lösung der unbestimmten probleme zweiten grades pp 1
El colegio preparatorio de orizaba 1824
Biographical sketches of the governor councillors and members of the senate and house of representatives of the n h legislature volume v
Synopsis des diatomées de belgique table alphabétique des noms génériques et spécifiques et des synonymes contenus dans latlas
Memorie per la storia denostri tempi dal congresso di parigi nel 1856 ai primi giorni del 1863 classic reprint
Remarks of john l mason and jos s bosworth esq before the board of education march 17 and 24 1847
The life of the universe as conceived by man from the earliest ages to the present time in two volumes vol ii pp 125
Wanderings in south america the north west of the united states and the antilles in the years 1812 1816 1820 1824
The ground of christian discipline briefly explained and the necessity of the influence of heavenly wisdom for its proper support enforced
Lectures delivered to the literary and philosophical society newcastle upon tyne on northumbrian history literature and art lent term 1898
The birth control library small or large families birth control from the moral racial and eugenic standpoint
The seizure of the southern commissioners considered with reference to international law and to the question of war or peace
Ancestry of mary oliver who lived 1640
Early days of mormonism palmyra kirtland and nauvoo new york
A lecture to children and youth on the history and character of heathen idolatry 6 48 not complete
Warnung an die jugend und die familienv ??ter gegen ??ber den angriffen von e renan und andern auf die religion
Zur geschichte des gutsherrlich bäuerlichen verhältnisses in ostpreussen von der gründung des ordensstaates bis zur steinschen reform
A catalogue of the valuable and choice collection of books prints books of prints sketches original drawings portraits paintings
Synopsis of a course of lectures on the anatomy physiology and histo chemistry of the nervous system
Grundsätze der politischen oekonomie nebst einigen anwendungen derselben auf die gesellschaftswissenschaft erster band
Reasons for believing that the charge lately revived against the jewish people is a baseless falsehood
Handbook of technical gas analysis containing concise instructions for carrying out gas analytical methods of proved utility
Quellen zur geschichte der deutschen kaiserpolitik österreichs während der französischen revolutionskriege 1790
Transactions of the commonwealth club of california vol xii no 10 december 1917 pp 415
The dramatic and poetical works of the late lieut gen j burgoyne to which is prefixed memoirs of the author vol i
Taufnamen schatz
The shi
De zegevierende republiek de vooruitgang van de republiek der vereenigde staten van amerika gedurende een vijftigtal jaren
Sammlung nationalökonomischer und statistischer abhandlungen elfter band gesindewesen und gesinderecht in deutschland
Procédures curieuses de linquisition de portugal contre les franc
Answers for mr john nicolson minister of portree in the isle of sky for himself and for the children of his deceased brother donald nicolson
The cambridge bible for schools and colleges the epistles of s john with notes introduction and appendices
Histoire de la restauration et des causes qui ont amené la chute de la branche aînée des bourbons vol 7 classic reprint
Practical electric bell fitting a treatise on the fitting up and maintenance of electric bells and all the necessary apparatus
Proceedings of the boston society of natural history vol 34 no 6 pp 135
Chemistry of the albumens ten lectures delivered in the michaelmas term 1904 in the physiological department of university college london
An outline history of china part ii from the manchu conquest to the recognition of the republic a d 1913
The poor and the land being a report on the salvation army colonies in the united states and at hadleigh england
Staatswesen und menschenbildung umfassende betrachtungen ??ber die jetzt allgemein in europa zunehmende national und private armuth
An historical account of some memorable actions particularly in virginia also against the admiral of algier and in the east indies
The man of the north and the man of the south or the influence of climate pp 10
List of references on dyestuffs chemistry manufacture trade pp 8
Plan dune d ??mocratie par m p pasteur ?? seconde ??dition revue corrig ??e et augment ??e of 2 volume 1
State civil service commission manual of examinations for the state and county service revised to july 1 1903
Bibliotheca scoto celtica or an account of all the books which have been printed in the gaelic language
The principles of banking its utility and economy with remarks on the working and management of the bank of england
Dernier tableau de paris ou récit historique de la révolution du 10 aout 1792 par j peltier of 2 volume 1
The open way into the book of revelation gods sevenfold way to consummations or fulfillments of prophecies
Geschichte der wiener journalistik ein beitrag zur deutschen culturgeschichte ii band das jahr 1848
Rajniti a collection of fables originally translated from the hitopadesa into the braj language for the college of fort william
Grammatical treatise on the language of william langland preceded by a sketch of his life and his poem piers the plowman inaugural dissertation
Thirty second annual report of the inspectors and superintendent of the albany penitentiary with the accompanying documents made december 13 1870
Le chevalier doliveyra brul ?? en effigie comme h ??r ??tique comment pourquoi anecdotes r ??flexions sur ce sujet donn ??es au public par lu
The new association of those called moderate churc
The works of the reverend william law m a sometime fellow of emmanuel college cambridge in nine volumes volume viii
Plans for reducing the extraordinary expences of the nation and gradually paying off the national debt
Histoire du clerg ?? pendant la r ??volution fran ??aise par m labb ?? barruel ??dition augment ??e of 2 volume 1
Ver ??ffentlichungen aus dem st ??dtischen v ??lke
M ??moire sur la n ??cessite de construire hors de la ville un h ??tel dieu commode et spacieux par lauteur du projet dhopital des malades
The liberties and customs of dublin asserted and demonstrated upon the principles of law justice and good policy
Le siecle de louis xiv nouvelle édition revue par lauteur considérablement augmentée of 3 volume 1
The first part of the institutes of the laws of england or a commentary upon littleton authore edwardo coke milite the thirteenth edition
Life in dixie during the war 1863
Tyrannie que les hommes ont exerc ??e sic dans presque tous les temps les pays contre les femmes par m langier docteur en m ??dicine
Die stellung des herzogtums lothringen zu deutschland und frankreich während der regierungszeit herzog johanns i 1346
Balance sheet of the world for ten years 1870
The homophonic forms of musical composition for the use of general and special students of musical structure
University of california publications in american archaeolohy and ethnology volume xvii no 1 pp 1
Bulletin of the imperial institute vol xi no 4 1913 pp 551
Portsmouth and newcastle new hampshire cemetery inscriptions abstracts from some two thousand of the oldest tombstones
Fifth of report record comissioners 1880 document 105
Memorial volume of the one hundredth anniversary celebration of the dedication of the church of the holy cross september 29 1803
A balla
Die wanderungen der inachostochter io zugleich zum verständniss des gefesselten prometheus des aeschylos
Whos who in south carolina a dictionary of contemporaries containing biographical notices of eminent men in south carolina
Recueil des lois ordonnances et d ??crets applicables ?? ladministration g ??n ??rale de lassistance publique ?? paris
Sur la revolution arriv ??e en france ouvrage traduit de langlois de tr ??s honorable m edmund burke par le b de b
The clerg
Trait ?? des richesses contenant lanalyse de lusage des richesses en g ??n ??ral de leurs valeurs of 2 volume 1
An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations by adam smith ll d and f r s of london andedinburgh
Evidence before the massachusetts committee on street railways as to the safety of overhead electric wires februar
The public utilities commission of the state of colorado uniform system of accounts for electric light and power utilities
Recherches sur la nature et les causes de la richesse des nations traduit de langlois de m smith of 2 volume 2
First book of the iliad battle of the frogs and mice hymn to the delian apollo bacchus or the rovers second book of the iliad
Ten years at the court of st james 1895
The breeches bible considered as the basis for remarks critical and philological on the english language
Alliterative poem on the deposition of king richard ii ricardi maydiston de concordia inter ric ii et civitatem london
The funeral sermon of margaret countess of richmond and derby mother of king henry vii and foundress of christs and st johns college in cambridge
The entail scotland act 1882 45 and 46 victoria chapter 53 with notes and an index of the whole entail statutes
The horse and his rider or sketches and anecdotes of the noble quadruped and of equestrian nations
A brief state of the province of pennsylvania in which the conduct of their assemblies for several years past is impartially examined
Boghazköi studien 5 heft iii stück über die völker und sprachen des alten chatti landes hethitische könige zwei aufsätze
Narrative of the loss of the ship hercules commanded by captain benjamin stout on the coast of caffraria the 16th of june 1796
The war and after short chapters on subjects of serious practical import for the average citizen from a d 1915 onwards
Kitab tarikh qudama a
An historical notice upon the establishment of messrs hachette co may 1876
National cancer program 1983
Museum boltenianum sive catalogus cimeliorum e tribus regnis naturae quae olim collegerat joa fried bolten
Benedikt franz leo waldeck der führer der preussischen demokratie 1848
The master builders plan or the principles of organic architecture as indicated in the typical forms of animals
The perils of false brethren both in church and state set forth in a sermon preachd before the right honourable the lor
A circumstantial account of all the barbarities practised by the monsters in fifty different instances
The eyes of ireland open being a short view of the project for establishing the intended bank of ireland
Correspondence between john jay esq and the vestry of st matthews church bedford n y classic reprint
Historical sketch of the nottoway grays afterwards company g eighteenth virginia regiment army of northern virginia
Analyse sur la justice du commerce du rachat des esclaves de la côte dafrique par joseph joachim da cunha de azeredo coutinho
Die krankheiten der ersten lebensjahre und ihre homöopathische behandlung nach eigenen erfahrungen zusammengestellt dritte vermehrte auflage
State policy in irish education a d 1536 to 1816 exemplified in documents collected for lectures to postgraduate classes
Sammlung demotisch griechischer eigennamen ägyptischer privatleute aus inschriften und papyrusrollen
Greek art a commemorative catalogue of an exhibition held in 1946 at the royal academy burlington house london
Esprit du dogme de la franch

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